The Alpha course is offered twice a year during our Wednesdays@PORTICO program. The winter course begins in January and the fall course begins in September. Join us for dinner at 6 pm and at 7 pm for the Alpha class. For more information, please contact Pastor Josh at jphilip@porticocanada.ca.

Growth Group Experience

Join us for dinner at 6 pm and at 7 pm, be a part of our Growth Group Experience, an opportunity to interact in a small group around a table to discuss the sermon topic from the previous Sunday. A facilitator will guide your discussion using the Discussion Guides that are prepared for all of our Growth Groups (small group Bible studies). Growth Group Experience runs from early September until late May. For more information, please contact Pastor Josh at jphilip@porticocanada.ca.


Our mid-week ministry programs are ideal opportunities for kids' friendships to develop and grow. Kids enjoy activities geared to their interest and spend time in heart-to-heart discussion, sharing how they can apply the Bible truth from Sunday in their own life and context.

Preschool children are grouped into their class by age. They jump, build, mold, explore and discover what faith looks like in a relaxed environment with their friends.

Elementary kids choose between:

  • Children's Choir (Gr 3-5): Incredible musical training in a warm & nurturing environment.
  • Sports/Games (Gr 1-5): Non-stop action with dodge ball, soccer and other pick-up games.
  • Crafts & Cooking (Gr 1-5): Fun and messy crafts get kids' creative juices flowing and alternate with lip-smacking, edible concoctions that kids eat in class or share with their family.

For more information on the Kids@PORTICO mid-week program, please contact kids@porticocanada.ca.

Jr High

PORTICO's Jr High ministry understands that grades 6-8 are formative years in a student's life. We provide support and encouragement to students and their families through Sunday morning classes and Wednesday night get-togethers. Together we explore the Bible, seek guidance amid our challenges, and develop a deep friendship with Jesus Christ.

For more information on the Students@PORTICO Jr High mid-week program, please contact student@porticocanada.ca.


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