Childhood experiences about God at home and at church really matter. That's why at PORTICO, we put lots of fun, imagination and laugh-out-loud creativity into planning what happens in our children's rooms every week.

We are intentional in engaging the heart of your child each time they come to church. We want your child to grow in their faith and in the understanding of the Bible, so that it impacts every decision they will ever make for their entire life. That's why we:

  • Build consistency into each of our service times for kids on Sundays at 8:40, 10:10 & 11:40 am
  • Group children by age
  • Connect kids to our incredible team of ministry partners
  • Support you in your spiritual role as parents
  • Implement a Plan to Protect process to fully screen all of our ministry partners

Infants & Toddlers
Kids@PORTICO Wednesdays
Ministry Partner Opportunities
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Click here for Kids@PORTICO events. For more info, please email kids@porticocanada.ca.

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